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Pastor John

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Well I hope you are all well. I have been ill and not going to post office for a few more weeks so not taking orders but want to share with you a number of products that are available and can be shipped once I am feeling better.
32P021 Gloster Gladiator Export parts for Norwegian and Swedish J8 /J8a £12.00

Coming soon - 32F002 Hans-Joachim Marseille £TBC
1/32 Ju 88 A-1(F), A-5(F) and D-2 rear bomb bay camera fairings
Thanks for looking and stay safe. As we modellers are all used to social distancing and wearing masks and latex gloves everything should be business as usual!


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Guest DeanKB

Glad to hear you're improving, John. Those bomb bay fairings look interesting, may well be in for a few.


As soon as I told people I had a box of 100 masks & 200 disposable latex-free gloves - for airbrushing - I suddenly became very popular.


For now, I'll refrain from the airbrush until I can stock back up, but at least I've earned some valuable brownie points!

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