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Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 Revell 1:32

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Hello guys


I finished another Messerchmit BF 109...what else :)

This is 109 Nr. 13 in my collection and its a Revell kit with mix of Eagle Calls and Hasegawa decals. Unfortunaly I had problem with EC decals, both number 7 decals along with two fuselage crosses just disengrated when put in the water. Luckily for me had Hasegawa boxing with same markings so I used those . That's why there is a slight difference in decal color.

As for the model itself this is my third Revell Bf 109G-6 finished along with one G-10 and I really starting to hate that landing gear and prop assembly.

Rest of the model is more than ok with exception of MG covers which I replaced with resin ones.

Model painted with Model Master Authentic enamels with Valejo varnishes.


Here are some pictures, hope u like the model











One is Hasegawa kit ..Can u guess which one :)





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2 hours ago, Lothar said:

That's as close to a convincing look as it can get - excellent model - hats off!!



Thx Lothar

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Thx for your comments guys and yes Hartmann yellow 1 is Hasegawa indeed

I alredy started another G-6....this time JG3 Alfred Surau

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23 hours ago, JerseyChris said:

Beautiful collection of 109’s, especially like the shooting star, where did the decals come from for this aircraft?



I used this sheet - Eagle Editions | No. EagleCals EC32-41 | 1:32


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