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I was curious so went peeping !

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So I got curious and  forgotten that I had this in the list... its IP Cams Live..(initially I had it to look at different airports :whistle:  ).:piliot:

Anyhoo watching different parts of the world , it feels and looks eerie without the daily normal routine that one saw with lots of people  going about their business.... shopping... eating out.... walking..... so have a look.

This is what the Virus has done to  all of us.:DodgeBall:


if you want to see more  check out the Most Popular  or the Newest.When you click on the newest a drop down menu for "Countries" comes up...


heres just one example of what I have been seeing today.





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It is very strange to view so many places around the world without people around.

It does look to me as though many of these are tourist areas to see travels.

I was shocked at Italy. They had food trucks at the ?bizaar/street? and no one was enjoying the beautiful day & each other. The other 24hrs of pictures it was almost a dhost town.


I viewed a mall area in mainland Japan..they seemed to be going on with their daily lives but Japan is a very Robust nation.




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