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Kawasaki ki-61-1 Hien "Tony".

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Hey guys.

I managed to complete a model. :blink:


39th Training Sqn Sgt Maj. Iwao Tabata, Yokushiba air base March 1945.


Being a training aircraft I wanted it to be old and tired. 

Gunze Kawasaki army green upper airframe aluminium lower.

Weathering used: pastel chalk, pastels oils, artist oil pencils, artist pencils, Prismy silver pencil, minimal airbrushing used in weathering, no wash was applied. Aerial is stretched spru. My hands could use nothing else.


Why is my interior olive green I hear you ask? Back when I began this model I did some research (untrue, he found colour photos by accident. Dale just wants to appear all brainy and smart) and found colour photos of an old Ki-61 with olive, not sand yellow, interiors.


Comments criticisms, schisms, all other 'isms' etc appreciated. Hang on, no prisms! :o


Anyway, only took about 3 years. 

























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4 hours ago, mpk said:

Hey guys.          I managed to complete a model. :blink:


Woohoo ! :clap2: that's a nice feeling eh Dale ??

Excellent finish :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:.

p.s. I've taken longer that 3 years to complete a model  :rolleyes:

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