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3 hours ago, PeterOlsen said:

Hi CZPetrP, Congratulations on an outstanding build ! I like how the elevator and rudder appear seperate. Can you tell us a bit about what you did to modify the kit there .

 Once again, really nicely done !




I didn't use any accessories set. I did everything myself. I cut off the rudders. I glued plastic profiles on them and I sanded them to the desired shape. Unfortunately, I have no photos from the building. Sorry.:bow:

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6 hours ago, PHBIO said:

Hello CZPetrP,  fantastic bare metal p47. do you use inbox decals or masks for the checker tails and hsw set for the rivets ? thank you


It is a combination. The stars are sprayed over the masks and the others are decals. The checker tail is decals. But repaired with a brush.

HGW are positive rivets. I have them negative. I used a riveting wheel P. Dousek.

Thank you for feedback.




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