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F-86F-40 Sabre

Dutch Man

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Hello all.

Just found out about this GB and why not jump in. I want to build Erich Hartmanns JA-111 from JG 71 "Richthofen".

I will use the Hasegawa F-86F-40 "Blue Impulse Sabre" kit. I also have the Avionics F-86F-30 Cockpit Set.

When all is mixed together, with some plastics surgery on wingtips and the Peddinghaus 2584 CL-13 decals set , I hope it looks at least a bit like a Sabre Mk6.



Have some additional aftermarket on the way. See how this goes, where it ends.


More to follow later, when there is some progress to show.


Kind regards,


Robert Jan

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From research and a topic started in LSP Discussion, I learned I have to shorten them. Link provided with the drawing how to cut is very helpful.

Did not do that yet, first I started with the cockpit. Also some aftermarket is on its way.  Fit of this "old kit" is really good. Panel lines and the "rivets" will be a challenge, but have a plan how to solve that.

Link for the LSP Discussion Topic: 


Pictures to follow soon on the building progress.


Kind regards,


Robert Jan

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello. I'm waiting for some AM to get this build on the table. due to the Covid it is getting a horror movie, even to get to a post office, just to pick up my parcels, so unreal! Second, its a roulette whether you have to pay taxes or not nowadays. my latest purchase from Hannants was only half the price as the one before, which came right to my doorstep. Making a  big profit when it comes to the end of month, not getting my target tax payment. Thats how it works in Banana Economics.


Next post will show some progress, I hope... Still full time at the Factory Office, digging a lot of work to be done. We still are relatively safe and sound in Thailand regarding the Covid-19.

Knocks on Wood. Stay safe everyone.


Kind regards,


Robert Jan

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Hope to do the kit justice. It's rather old, but dry fitting makes you smile. Quality from Hasegawa... Raised panel lines and rivets army only trouble to deal with.

See what comes out of this one. Said I had a plan, so...


Kind regards,


Robert Jan

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  • 4 weeks later...

After a good look at the kit, the AM I purchased and my consistent talent getting some kit with issues. Tadaa.... I made a start.

A lot of dry fitting, cutting and shaving as from yesterday.

Cockpit fits over the front wheel well. Inlet to engine fits and so front can be closed not having much trouble.

Main landing gear. Aires set 2165 is not developed for the Hasegawa, but Kinetic / Italeri. A bit of a challenge expected for this part. Some removing of plastic should do the job(poor me).

No fit with the rest of the wings too shallow. I had to cut the piece up in 3 parts. Center part fits now, rest where landing gear is positioned will be scratch build. I made some pictures from those parts to replicate in styrene.

The wings are a real nightmare. Hoola hoop shape.

Must be the aging of plastics. We can fix that with some ridged material.

Some pictures...


Cockpit is Aires. Nice and crisp detail





Centerpart of the main landing gear wheel wells. Again nice details.


Tanks, glued, not sanded yet. Fit is very good.



More to follow soon.

At least I made a start. Lots of work to do on this one.




Robert Jan

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Thanks for the heads up Max.

Raining Cats and Dogs over here,(finally rain season made a start)

No excuse to go out, so made a lot of progress today already. 

It's 3:12 PM as I write this. Taking a break to get some food and a drink.

When there is some light(it almost went) I'll make some pictures.

Those Monsoon rains make it very spectacular sometimes.

I love it. 


Robert Jan


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Hi Robert Jan


Just a small comment on the Has Sabre. The windscreen is a bit wide by about 1.5 mm. It is an easy fix if you do it before gluing the fuselage parts together. I added a small piece of card on my builds to fix it.





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What I already replied, a lot of work done. Most of trouble will come to reshape the Hoola Hoop wings. 

Food out that the slats give a more rigid condition so far. Also have to clip the tips. 

Will be a Sunday morning "how did I ever got this far job".

I like Sundays, play some Jazz in the early hours of.... Another weekending.




Robert Jan

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Hello and good morning.

7:51 AM and rain has gone. Nice Sunday morning with lots of sunshine.

Some progress on the Sabre. I really like the kit so far.


Scoops added and painted inside of the rear fuselage. All glued with just a teeny weeny bit to putty.


Front gear bay. Used Mr.Surfacer 1200. It will get some little details later. First have to figure out how the land gear will be attached.


Nice fit all around the rear.


Seat and launch rails. Aires did a great job on this one, Super detail and not too fragile.


Another angle of the seat.


Cockpit is ok, only things to add were throttle and foot pedals so far. Stick will come later.


Other side.


Exhaust pipe.


Canopy frame and dry fit of the glass. Removed the plastic deck and replaced with resin parts from Aires cockpit set. A lot of work gone into this part. Plastic was way too thick and a bit of a lumpy shape. So thinned the inside and sanded the resin until fit. More detail will follow on this part.


Happy with the result so far.


Sanded the tanks. Again good fit


To be continued.


Have a nice day.


Robert Jan


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Not all what comes from Aires is to my liking, The sets purchased for this build are just pretty good, even for a kit it was not designed for.

Plugging through the "how to be clever engineering steps to get it all lined up".

Made a start with the landing gear at the front.

I have some pretty main landing gear wheels in resin,(DEF Mode), but nose gear wheel was not included. Rather disappointing. 

So who makes a nice weighted nose wheel in resin? Anybody have have some tips? 


More to come later.


Robert Jan 

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