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Infinity Models Zlin Z-37 Cmelak - first pics

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posted on britmodeller, first pics of Z-37 Cmelak (Bumblebee) :speak_cool:


legendary yellow crop duster in Czechia and Slovakia, with long combat records fighting the insect

I spent hours watching this plane over the fields like a boy, must have for me!





test shots







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53 minutes ago, firefly7 said:

Absolutely, brilliant suggestion Brian, a Wilga (radial engine please).


28 minutes ago, rigor said:

The Draco bush bird would be cool 



BINGO!   Although it would take some substantial modification.  Fortunately after the total crash of Draco back in Sept of last year, Mike Patey will be re-building Draco, bigger and badder than ever.

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On 3/7/2020 at 4:31 PM, Alburymodeler said:

Nice looking model. But I think in real life we now need to go to insect populating sprayers. There are almost no insects around here anymore, and the birds are suffering, and up the food chain.


Do you think it was the recent spate of brush fires killing off a lot of the non-flyers or has the bug population been having ongoing issues? I ask out of curiosity as a science teacher.


At any rate, although I likely would not buy any of these as they are outside my focus, they are neat airframes and just as deserving of a kit as any other plane. Speaking of bugs the PZL's look like they have bug legs.

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