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Daniel Leduc

German F-86K, Neuburg AB July 1964 (NATO)

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys, long time no talked...


It's been a while since I participate or even finish something on LSP nor else.... 

I hope I'm not too far gone with this one I stalled a year ago, 




Did finish another F-86 before that one but a little accident happened...:BANGHEAD2:

a few day's befor Torcan.




I guess after that I ran out of gaz (motivation...) and put it back on my doom shelf,  have quite a few on that one.... :whistle::mental:


Hope to hear from you and have fun.




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Oh boy, it's about I start this one.....

Cockpit is done, almost beside one or two pieces and will spray a little coat of matt later today.




Can't compare the improvement with PE and was in the kit.....

So fast and easy.




I decide this time that I would glue all the flaps and leading edges before putting the wings on the fuselage,

easyer to make sure the angles are even on both side....




Wings and fuel tanks are done but need to add a little something to those missile rails.




Will post some more during the week-end and should be able to close my fuselage sooner than planned.

At first, I wanted to put a pilot with a full finish intake but after a third trial, the result on the intake is very disapointing.

We'll see


Thanks for watching and have fun,


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So far, everything went pretty whell this week-end, my flat coat on the pit was done with no problem,

first time with  Mig product, not bad.à




I gave a last shut on the intake and it paid off, the result is acceptable, so now I'll have to get myself a seated pilot from the '60s...




So time to close that fuselage and do some patching/ sanding..






Main bay done with base oleo glued in place, found out from my previous built with the D that a little more stiffness

will do good when time come to put the wings on...




Enough weight in the nose to counteract the tail heavy....




Waiting for the strut to dry stiff, I'll prepare the seat fro the pilot.




I'll have to check my references, I heard somewhere that those arm rest should be in down position until the pilot eject...?




It's nice to see it on his wheels and weird with no wings, looks like a Go-Cart.... HI-Speeeed.....lol .:mental:




I should be able to have the paint done this week, hope you like it ahd have fun.





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Posted (edited)
On 4/6/2020 at 9:23 PM, bdthoresen said:

Looking good, Dan. The cockpit looks great. Looking forward to the paint job!


THOR    :ph34r:


Thanks THOR,

the more Iand use those, the more I like them..

the only thing that keeps bugging me is on some, they can't get the color right...


Well, I guess it's the perfect modelling world..lol.  :mental::whistle:



On 4/7/2020 at 2:16 AM, mozart said:

A wingless onder! :D  Good work Daniel, looking forward to seeing more. 


Thanks Mozart, 

It's coming along pretty nicely and quickly too, just the way I like them.....

and congrat on your Echelon Lightning build, it made me thing about maybe a second subject with a Trumpy for the GB... :hmmm:


Will see,





Edited by Daniel Leduc

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Posted (edited)

Thanks guys...


But it was going too well, found out that the base of the windshield was a bit too wide,  :doh:

Was it me , I don't know, but to fix it, I tooked out some material and glue them back together....







At least, all my rivets were done




And yeap, there's another one...alignement problem.:BANGHEAD2:  easy to fix.....




Some more next week and hope to receive my PJ Prod. 60's Nato pilot from Hannants..... :clap2:

Looking forward to see how the fit will be with a pilot.


Hope you like it and have fun.


Edited by Daniel Leduc

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I’ll look forward to seeing your PJ pilot Daniel, I considered getting one but the details look a bit softly moulded. Let me know what you think. 

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Thanks Nic, I was hoping it was the standing pilot. I don’t want to hide all that lovely detail of the Aries seat, though I do like an aeroplane with a pilot in it, so I could be tempted. 

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