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Hobbyboss F-84G Thunderjet


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I'm really bad at completing Group Builds - and at the moment very bad at finishing anything - but...


Trying to get MoJo restored I figured a straight out of the box (maybe with a few minor tweaks) might be good 'therapy' and, from what I've seen/read the Hobbyboss F-84 kits are pretty straightforward builds.


So, I'm in with this - don't expect anything amazing - and final scheme to be decided:




I also have the F-84E boxing - so can swap the speed brakes to fix the errors in the respective kits where the styles have been transposed.


Last F-84 I built was the Heller 1:72 kit - back in the early '80s - and I really enjoyed that one...


Have fun!



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Having just built this i can confirm it’s a smooth build and fits pretty nicely! The only thing I didn’t like was the jet intake because they didn’t transition it into the pipe, just left a step inside the nose. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this baby OOB! 

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That's good to know re. intake - forewarned is forearmed and all that...


Going to make a start later this evening - possibly Dutch, or French markings. I used to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure!  ;)



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And a start made - couple of hours this evening assembling sub sections ready for some paint.




















Have to say I'm mightily impressed with the fit and engineering on this kit so far - a quick neatening up of parts after removing from the sprue gates and they're just falling together beautifully.


After recent projects from Special Hobby, Pacific Coast, fixing B-24 wings - and playing with a certain very large vac form - this is bliss!  :)


This is going to be my 'grown-up' version of Saturday pocket money builds as a teenager - not worrying about detail/accuracy - just focusing on a clean build and nice finish.


We'll see where I get to...


Have fun!




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So, on Day 3 of 'let's just build a model for once':


Cockpit tub base paint done - ready for detail painting and weathering:




And main wheel wells given a dark detail wash, fitted to lower wings, and wings assembled:




And I couldn't resist dry fitting one of those ace tip tanks:




Off to bed - sleep well and happy modelling!  :)



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No photo updates tonight - but have sanded down the wing and tip tank joints...


Just few minutes work with a sanding stick and some 800 grit wet and dry.


Did I mention how well this kit goes together?


Colour me very impressed so far...


Still undecided on scheme - but have dug out some Dutch decals for a coat of looking at.



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Definitely fun Alain - and just what I needed, I think...


Here's where we are - most sub-assemblies done, some even sanded.




About to dive in and add some Airscale instruments to the instrument panel (the instrument decal that comes with the kit is crude and just doesn't look right) and detail paint the cockpit.


Hopefully some more later...



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Funny you guys should say this, because...


Cockpit - straight kit - Airscale instruments:




As posted at the beginning I wanted to see what I could do using just the kit parts - I will find and add some suitable seat straps - but I *may* finish with canopy closed...


Won't win any prizes - but that's not the object of the exercise!  :)




And attached to the nose gun bay.


I'm going to fit the cover closed - so no need to paint and detail.  :)


Kit provides a couple of metal weights that sit underneath this section to prevent the model being a tail-sitter. Really good design...




Cockpit sides given a wash to pop a little detail for effect - I use Xtracrylix Night Black, thinned with tap water for this.






Interior 'gubbins' in place in starboard fuselage half.


Everything fits absolutely perfectly!




And I couldn't resist dry assembling the fuselage halves - again, fit looks extremely good indeed!




Now - if I can find my box of wheel weights (just to add a tiny bit more weight under the cockpit) - and do some tweaks to those auxiliary inlet doors - I can get the fuselage together this evening.


Which means a complete airframe next few days and ready for paint - perhaps...


Really enjoying this one, have fun!






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And with a little further work the fuselage is all glued up and drying in the warm airing cupboard. :)


I can now get back to some other things whilst the joints have a really good dry out - with a 'natural metal' finish I don't want any joints shrinking back over time...


And just thinking through how I'm going to improve the inner contours of the nose intake ring.


Did I mention this is a fun build? :whistle:


Still not finalised final scheme yet!



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