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DACO 1/32 Fouga Magister?


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Adding up to Thierry and rafju’s input, this superb, 200+ page book from Serge Van Heertum released in 2007.  


Very interesting from a modeller’s view with insightful, instructive text profusely illustrated with detailed walk around photos and superb in-flight views. Text in english, french and dutch. 



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Indeed! I progressively got all of them as I was hoping someone would finally release a large scale kit. It looks this was the right thing to do as some are now out of print. By the way, the Lela press French big book is the only one having a serious coverage of the IAF Fouga Magisters.

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37 minutes ago, Mark_C said:

I'd buy one in an instant.  I've always wanted to do the one in Katanga.





(And FLY - release the Tunnan like you promised you would! ) :please:

From this movie? “Siege at Jadotville” 

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The "Congo Fougas" are a very complex subject that can fill a book, a very sixties James Bond adventure kind of book. ;)

Those aicraft had no numbers because they were actually flown by mercenaries. 

Also, speaking of Fougas in Congo, a few years ago I saw an interesting documentary/film about a possible involvement of a Fouga in the shoting down of the aircraft carrying the UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_Case_Hammarskjöld


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Not all Avikat Fougas had no numbers.  #92 and #93 show up in photos attributed to Avikat Magisters.  #91 apparently crashed in June of '61, #92 was stuck in Elisabeth due to engine failure, and #93 appears to be the plane Moise Tshombe used:




Then again, this was supposedly the only aircraft that could have been at Jadotville, and the one allegedly used to shoot down Dag Hammarskold's airplane.  If Katanga only ever received 3 Magisters, then #93 is likely the same one I posted earlier, with the number perhaps stripped or painted over.






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