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WingNut Wings Camel "Le Rhône"

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15 hours ago, Robthepom said:

Looking perfect Iain, i am so envious of your finish it looks flawless. Its funny but i especially admire your seam filling and finish along the top of the fuselage, No flat spot no little cracks or marks. Great modelling


One of the advantages of working on far too many projects at once is that things get put to one side for a month, or two, whilst I work on something else - so joints get plenty of time to dry out and I avoid that post-build/paint joint shrinkage you get sometimes...


That's the excuse for my not being able to concentrate on one thing at a time - and I'm sticking to it!  ;)



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Today I have mostly been fixing things I missed during the build...


Note to self: follow the WnW instructions closely, or you *will* miss stuff #numpty  :huh:


Anyhow, after damaging the rudder stripe decals with too much MicroSol, I've added the lower wing roundels, mindful that a lot of folks have had decals crack up on them.


Long soak in warm water until they move easily on the sheet and Bob's your aunty - they're on, and they look good!


Oh, and my Royal Sovereign Fine Chisel 'Colour Shaper' is paying dividends (in plane English it's a paint brush handle with a chiseled rubber tip) - ideal for subtle adjustments of wet decals.  :)


And I'm being good - and not applying any MiroSol until they've initially dried...


Blue skies (and Camels...)







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