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Soviet Pin-Up

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Hello guys :)

For a short break from flying birds, I build this birdy ;)

The model is resin GK, 1:9 scale, with a lot of re-works and scratches. The blue cap is from milliput, a lot of scratch-work for the pistol, bayonette and the aks-74u build from 2mm plastic sheet and photo-etched parts from spare box :)

And here she is:


MILsS21.jpg  shard8X.jpg


7oX6csI.jpg  NCQCTcb.jpg


37bBoak.jpg  9pCGRWr.jpg






Hope you will like her :) Thank you always for watching.

Cheers friends.


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2 hours ago, Mark_C said:

Very well done, especially the skin tones.

+ infinity first thing i noticed, really. 
I thought the scowl was perfect although that’s my uninformed stereotype of what a Russian pinup facial expression would be. Your work definitely conveyed emotion!

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Very nicely done for sure. I agree with the others that the skin tones are fantastic. I have to admit though, when I saw the title the first thing that pop in my mind was a tractor. 

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