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Westland Wessex helicopter.

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50 minutes ago, thammond65 said:

Not that you need any help but perhaps this chap's Wessex might have a few detail pointers that might be useful if you haven't already seen it:




HIs wwalk-around photos are very good too.

Thanks for the link. what an amazing build. Walkarounf photos will help a lot.

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Look the work so far on the Wessex.  I know it be brilliant.


What was that seat you showed in the very first post?  Looked to be all done and ready for some build.


Still hope you'll get back to the Frelon at some point, that was one of my favorites.




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3 hours ago, Phartycr0c said:

That really is stunning work keep it up.  Careful as you get close to the end as these things have so many lumps bumps and aerials there is almost nowhere to hold it. Most of all dont end up dropping it like wot I did. 




copy, thanks for the tip.

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