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Sirkosky H.34 Helicopter.


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I'm with the guys above on this. I do understand that moderating is a hard, thankless yet essential task and I'm also aware that it is mostly performed in a text-based communication environment across time zones where simple misunderstandings are easily escalated into over-reactions and ultimatums. I have no idea what has gone on in this case, but it seems very, very sad if such a long-time and demonstrably well-mannered and helpful contributor might be made to feel unwelcome.

There is a British-based modellers' forum on which the founder gradually developed a god-complex and as a result lost many, many members who freely contributed expertise, knowledge and the occasional modelling photos. Inevitably. they went elsewhere (or stayed away from the internet entirely) but the modelling community as a whole is all the poorer for it.


Please, Oliver and Kevin, please find a way to reconcile and keep sharing this WONDERFUL content.

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1 word I used made it look like I was taking sides.
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Unfortunately I recall a similar situation occuring with Oliver on another forum a couple of years ago, from memory it was under very similar circumstances. Disappointing to see it happen again.

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On 2/6/2023 at 3:16 AM, shark64 said:

Hi Everyone.

I had a few words with Kevin LSP moderator. I made a mistake and posted in the wrong page setting( I apologized for my mistake).His words to me were a bit strong and instead of diffusing the situation he made it worse twice, not really a good way to treat modelers posting on the site. I guess 92 k views don't mean much.

This is the last time I will post any of my builds on LSP. I have asked the moderator to remove any posts and photos ever posted here.  

 See u guys on another site.




It would be very sad to see you leave this awesome forum which many of us call home.


It would be even sadder if you would leave because of a dispute with a moderator over some setting.


Being a moderator is a hard job. Given the size of this forum and the amount of members and posts, I can only imagine how much works goes into moderating, updating, and save guarding this forum.


Please cut Kevin some slack, you might have caught him at a wrong time.


Those 92k views clearly tell that a lot of people really like what you are showing here.


Please don't let them down because of an argument.


Continue posting your stunning work and let us enjoy your wonderful builds.


My 2 cents







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I understand that Oliver is now looking for 1/32 mechanic figures for this diorama - which now includes a mobile crane. I came across these on ebay:


1/32 scale Figures - Pit crew set - Mechanic, Service crew - WASP | eBay


, but (as I'm not connected with the listing in any way) have no idea if they are any good. Thoughts?


PS/ If it is against etiquette to post links to ebay, please feel free to delete the link. It came from a search for 1:32 mechanic on a web search engine.

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On 3/11/2023 at 9:44 PM, rigor said:

Seen the the project over on Facebook and wow unbelievable 

Certainly is. The crane model is being extensively modified to sit next the the H.34 in the diorama. I think it will be depicting an engine change.

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