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1/24 fighter jets

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On 2/12/2020 at 9:13 PM, Out2gtcha said:



No, its 1/43rd, but still freaking HUGE.  Its on the same buy a pack monthly assembly as the Mig is. I think the final cost was 2 or 3k in the end for a HUGE Millennium Falcon. 

De'Ago 1/43rd Falcon came out around 950 quid or so all in.

Thankfully I was a day0 subscriber on that and managed to get all the issues, but it sounds like it's very hit-or-miss these days. De'Ago's gone downhill loads over the last 5 years, I've previously had their F1 car as well and that was fine. However it seems now people are on hold, missing a bunch of issues etc. I was tempted by the X-Wing, but it's far too much money for what little detail it has in my opinion.
Last thing I got, well tried to get, through them was the Beatles Vinyl, and out of the 6 packages sent (with 2 or 3 vinyls each) only 1 arrived, I was charged for all 6...  they sent a replacement twice.. 

I gave up and charged-back the lot in the end. They're idiots :(

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FWIW, there are balsa static display models in 1/24. This company, todays hobbies, did several. I did the big Tomcat, it was huge but looked good.  They did an F16, F14, Phantom, F5, and F15, IIRC.






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