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1/24 fighter jets

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I wonder if there is a market for the typically larger jets in 1/24. The tooling will be expensive so there is a big risk for the manufacturer.

But I would love anyone trying anyway!

MiG-15 and 17 are not so big so this could be a possibility. The previously mentioned Sabre could be done too.



PS: I would go for an Airfix Hawker Fury (biplane). That would be so cool!

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The interesting thing about this scale in particular is that the size of the subject makes it either a credible possibility or a commercial 'no go' for some manufacturers.

If we took the 1/32 Su-27 as an example, and compared it with say a 1/24 scale BAe Hawk/DH Vampire, the sizes are quite comparable.

Would Trumpeter or HB 'have a go' at these types of aircraft in time?

I'd gamble that they would at least try 'one for size' so to speak to test the market.

I must admit though, Airfix would currently be my preferred manufacturer for this scale though.

Right now we live in LSP modelling heaven,  I truly believe NOTHING is off the table now! 

Happy days!  ;):rolleyes:

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If they were to gamble on a new 1/24 jet, I think the Sabre is a classic and would be a leading choice. Not too big, and it served everywhere. The problem would be, which version? Korean War, or one of the Canadair Sabres which wore so many different air force liveries, including the RAF...giving you the UK connection. And if it was the Canadair Sabre, which mark?


I think one issue with jets is that generally they are so much bigger than prop aircraft, although that doesn't seem to be a limiting factor any more for LSP. My impression is that trainers would not be a first choice. It seems most modellers prefer aircraft that saw combat, or maybe I'm projecting.


Of course, there is always the Me 262, but that may be too early for the jet guys. I'd like to see a Vampire, but that's not likely to be a big seller.






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While I agree with the most of the comments here the "smaller" jet aircraft would be pretty slick in 24th. They would probably sale.  I would certainly buy one, however if you are going to dream......

F-4, F-8, F-100, F-104, F-101, F-106, F-102....and Yes a 105 ( i know they would be huge) but hey it cant be worse than the wing span of the 32nd Lancaster or Liberator right?


F-15, F-16, F-14, F-18......The 16, 14 and 18 were produced in 1/18th ......so at least 24th would be smaller LOL.







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Rob, you have mentioned 1/18 scale and I wonder if 1/24 has, in fact, been skipped over for large scale aircraft. So this might be the new large scale that will prevail, simply because there are already more products available.

They are more toy-like, but that could be the key to keep costs down for tooling and price. The rest is up to the modeler.



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