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My name is Robert Jan, as can be seen from the avatar I'm a Dutch Man.

Living in Thailand for almost 6 years now, have my work (maintain our ISO standards for the recycling company TES) and I have also family overhere, nothing special really.

From the tittle it is not clear that the AC was delivered 1968. Well that is my year of birth. Everything from that year has my special attention. 

Why choose an Iranian AC? I simply love the color scheme and it is a wonder some of these birds were seen in action late 2013!!! 

The kit started as, guess what...  I ordered the Robin Olds package with all kinds of goodies to do a Vietnam bird. But lost interest..

3 years later...

Today I made a jump start in to the new destination for the kit. Techmod Decals gives 2 options, I choose the F-4D 67-14884 / 3-616. 308th TFS, 32nd TFW, Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF) TFB.3 Nojeh1973.

There is a lot to talk about, building such a jet. More details will follow later. I don't read, speak & understand Farsi. Sites I came across about the, nowadays IRIAF, show a lot of bright pictures of their Air Force.

Pictures I made today..



















I will show some more material next week.

What I did today was giving it some color, checked the load out I was planning, (Sidewinders are still WIP). Have to figure out which type they got in 1973.

Had a lot of fun.


Hope you all like it. Please feel free to comment and good advice is always more than welcome.


Kind regards,


Robert Jan




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Looks great so far, especially those napalm tanks and the MER.   Where did you get them from, did they come with the kit?


Having lived in Iran as a young kid in the mid-70's, I saw a couple of F-4D's at an airshow once.   I'll be following with interest.   If you have any links to sites that feature Iranian subject (both pre and post-revolution), please share.



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Thanks for the replies. 

@Lothar Thanks.

@John1 The NAPA canisters, (BLU-27 un-finned)  come from videoaviation.com (Italy), article 153332.

The guy makes really nice resin stuff. I build a lot of his kits already. Good research and subject, beyond mainstream, just the things you need. 

I will check my bookmarks for those Iranian links, takes some time because I really have to search sometimes. It's an interesting country with an even more interesting Air Force.


Kind regards,


Robert Jan


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To start with this link: http://www.iiaf.net/f4/ https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/04/29/560063/Iran-F4-fighter-plane-Army-IRGC-Defense-Minister-Amir-Hatami http://www.military.ir/forums/profile/15044-mr9/content/?type=forums_topic_post&page=67

Last link you need some scrolling. Has a lot of history facts. Blogger has its hobby well presented. I have some more links, just can not find them right now.

Found another one. Airshow http://www.iribnews.ir/fa/news/1878701/آسمان-امن-هدیه-تیزپروازان-جمهوری-اسلامی-به-ملت


See you all next time.


Robert Jan

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Hello and  :post1:  Robert Jan.


WOW ..  AWESOME Start.


:goodjob:  :clap2:


Farsi  says :


  FADAIYAN Aviation Air Force Military Training 2 Safe heaven, the gift of the Islamic Republic's sharpshooters to the nation .
And A spokesman for  the Seventh Fadaiyan Aviation Military Prisoner of War: 

"the  Sukhoi 24 strategic Bomber and Heavy Bomber planes destroyed ground and mobile targets far from enemy radars. "

and continues to state"  F-4 using smart bombs, a female point guard and a stationary rifle produced by the efforts of the Air Force's self-sufficient jihadists have achieved their goals, according to IRIB. Success.:



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Had some problems with the heat today, ( the last week )., seems the resin reacts to it.

All of a sudden the intakes looked like someone took his teeth out. Huge dimple on both sides. 

That really freaked me out for the Saturday and rest of the weekend.

Some steam did the trick this morning. The Rhinos reshaped very well, (thin resin), me happy.

Watched this video after some lunch:

And this one after the first couple of beers today:


I have 2 Tamiya F-4E Phantom II yet to build.  I think these are the best ever. Convert to F will be the hurdle to take.

This video is some good old school entertainment(beats a "live Ferrari") 

Enjoy the video.


Pictures are to come next week, forgot all about it today.


Kind regards,


Robert Jan

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