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Bf-109 V10

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Greetings all!

Are there any photos of the Bf-109 V10? I've heard it was found buried a few years ago, but mainly I'm curious about how it looked during the war.


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No known wartime photographs, but there are a lot of images of the wreckage that was recovered in Oberpfaffenhofen in late 1989. Pretty much everything that is known about this aircraft, including some new documentary evidence can be found in:


Vogt, H.H. 2018. Messerschmitt Bf 109. Versuchs- und Erprobungsträger und der Weg zur Serienproduktion. 496 pp. VDM Heinz Nickel: Zweibrücken, Germany.


The Bf 109 V10 is discussed on pages 123-129 of this book. It includes two pages of images of the recovered wreckage, and two pages of four-side line drawings of the machine. I highly recommend this book, and the earlier volume by the same author on the production versions. Link to the book on the publisher's website:




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