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F-102 Display

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3 hours ago, RLWP said:


Surprisingly yes. It looks like its been hanging there for 40 years.   Wonder what they painted it (and the fake bricks displaced by the aircraft now white) with that faded so quickly, as I cant imagine there have been that many years passed since its install. 

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They would have almost succeeded in making a TF-102 look pretty.


If the artwork is to be believed at all, 55-3392 ended its service career as a decoy at a Turkish Air Force base. Whether it is that one or not is an open question.

As shown, it represents a 40th FIS interceptor from the early 1960s with the artwork based on this profile.




The fuselage does look curiously wide at the cockpit rear bulkhead which made me think of the TF-102, but the intakes definitely aren't.

However, I expect some liberties were taken with its reconstruction. Here's another photo from a different perspective




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