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I want my dog printed in my favorite scales; 32nd, 24th, & 12th. Where would I even begin?! Preferably with a leg up marking his territory. I'd love to pose those prints next to my subjects, perhaps preparing to wee on a tire or something. Photos from different angles obviously, but what would be best?

Ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Great idea! I believe they can use just photos; an actual scan would be best and most accurate but getting pupper to sit still that long might be a bit of a challenge.


A quick internet search of “custom 3D print from photos” turned up many, many results. Actually seems to be quite popular. Let us know if you find a service you like; we literally just brought a new friend home yesterday!



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There are several services that will do it like: DOOB https://www.doob3d.com or Twindom https://web.twindom.com


I've experimented with one of them. I asked for just the file which included a mesh and the images. You see, they use an array of cameras, usually around 96 of them arranged around the subject. The pictures are used in a process called photogrammetry that generates a computer model. The service usually generates a full color model in a plaster like substance but if you get the mesh from them you can use Shapeways to print in any scale you like in a resin but you will have to paint it yourself. It cost me $50 for just the files using a place in San Francisco.

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