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Hobby Boss Yak-28 revealed! - 1/48..?

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Holy Cold War Batman!!!    I’m in.  Please don’t screw this up.   I’m not 100% sure but didn’t HB release a 48th scale kit that had issues?    If so, hopefully they don’t just scale this up, errors and all.   Fingers crossed!  

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A Yak-28P, the two man interceptor version, was released under the Bobcat label almost three years ago. I'm no expert so if it had shape issues I would be clueless but I have the kit and it looks pretty good in the box. I wonder if this kit is a new tool or just a reworked tool to make the bomber version ?


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I've bought the Bobcat Firebar but may get the Hobby Boss Brewer just to have two different build experiences. 


My heart jumped out a bit when I saw the 1/32 label, but it was not fatal: a new Su-15 Flagon in any of the bigger double-digit scales might.


The new tool Revell 1/48 SR-71 for next year means a long wait. If only HpH's 1/32 beast in preparation was part of the company's new IM styrene Infinity range.



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