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Das Werk 1/32 Ju EF-126 „Elli“ / EF-127 „Walli“ (3 in 1) Announced!


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another producer enters 1/32 market  :speak_cool:

Das Werk company announced new tool IM  Ju EF-126 „Elli“ / EF-127 „Walli“ (3 in 1) Announced

never heard about this plane :D but it looks interesting




already available for preorder on MBK website for 37,50€ https://www.modellbau-koenig.de/en/Special-category/Pre-Order-Items/Ju-EF-126-Elli-EF-127-Walli-3in1

expected to arrive early / middle of May 2020



Product Details:

Highly detailed static plastic model (1 of 3 versions)

Detailed Cockpit

Factory fuselage cradle

Optional landing skid position

7 different marking options

Bonus: Takeoff / Ground-handling trolley


Three possible versions can be built:

EF-127 Walther 509C1 Motor

EF-126 Single Argus

EF-126 Double Argus










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Was about to post this myself ;) 


The EF 126 was a design for a cheap, semi-expendable close-support and ground attack aircraft. Work was continued at Dessau under Soviet supervision after the war, and four prototypes (V1, 3, 4 and 5) were completed during 1946. V1 was flown as an unpowered glider, V3-5 were powered and tested at Ramenskoye in the USSR. They only accumulated a limited amount of flying time (in the order of three hours IIRC), being towed into the air by a Ju 88G-6 because of a lack of suitable booster rockets to allow an independent take off. The main outcome of those flights was to prove the unsuitability of pulsejets for powering manned aircraft, and the project was effectively shelved at the end of 1947, being officially terminated in 1948. Apart from its impracticability, the rapid evolution of much more advanced jet powered aircraft had rendered a crude, simple machine like the EF 126 of little interest.


The EF 127 was a rocket powered interceptor derivative of the EF 126. It was supposed to be powered by the Walter HWK 109-509C, but no prototypes were ever constructed.

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5 minutes ago, 32scalelover said:

Did they state a release date or price?

there are available for preorder at MBK (Modellbau Koenig) for price of 37,50€, which looks fair

estimated release date is May 2020




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1 hour ago, rigor said:

Heck yea. I'll be in for one even I'm guessing it's luft46 


25 minutes ago, firefly7 said:

I'm definitely in for 2 maybe 3 as soon as they are available in the US. I love these luf46 types. Thanks Jan for letting us know.


As I said higher, strictly speaking it doesn't have to be Luft46: four prototypes were tested by the Soviets in 1946-1947 (3 powered, one as a glider). The only two images known of a completed machine tested in the USSR can be seen here (scroll down):




IIRC, the images were taken after testing had been discontinued, and the aircraft had been left outside without protection in the winter of 1947-1948, so the machine isn't in the greatest shape.


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