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Scale qualification

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On 1/26/2020 at 8:22 AM, Tony T said:

Wondering if the 1/25 scale Aurora Chittychittybangbang qualifies...




It has wings, and flies (allegedly)



This is amusing , since the wings are meant to produce lift, I think it is an LSP, we don’t classify the Felixstowe as a ship even though it has a hull.  On the other hand Flip the wings over on the Chitty Chitty bang bang car at it is a race car and not eligible to be an LSP.   There are lots of large car models with wings made for downforce.  Those are by definition not LSP since they  are designed to stick better to the earth instead of lift off it.  The Chitty Chitty Bang bank car is meant to fly and there have been real flying cars.  So a kit of a real flying car would be full eligible if it were 1/35 or larger.

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