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NLLSP- No Longer a Large Scary Project

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Thanks for encouraging!

I've done the repairs, well not really, I decided on a different path of assembly. I didn't glue the modules together this time (I'm calling the cockpit, the bomb bay and the radio room separate modules) This time I fitted the left bomb bay wall, then the cockpit to the side wall and that bomb bay wall, then the bomb bay, then the radio room to the already installed parts. I got a much better fit of the parts doing it this way and nothing got forced into place as was the case the first time.

Ok all that explaining out of the way, I added a sound insulation panel to the radio room wall (tinfoil and paint, attached with pva glue) then tore holes in it to match the fuselage. The radio operator was fitted and glued in and the pilot, having lost his noggin in the crash got a shiny new one I found that had been overlooked earlier, the old head was fitted to another figure I placed (simply for artistic interest) standing behind the pilot but hanging on to the pilots seat. The control cable runs are glued and strung as well. I'm thinking with the upcoming damage to the roof section the radio man and controls should be visible from the outside?? 







Thank you for looking

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Thanks guys

Brian, no, I don't want to do the dead tail gunner. I'm still wondering what to do when I get to the tail turret but putting the fatally injured gunner in there isn't an option for me! I know Franz indicated in the book that he could see the body slumped over the gun . Both waste gunners were injured as well...I am open to suggestions,  my earliest thinking was, I could frost the glass/glazing so no view in is available, but the glazing should be damaged and full of holes as well. 

Most likely the seat will remain empty.

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Chris great job and paint on Franz's aircraft.  The b-17 damage is very believable. Thank you for the idea of using water to dictate random patterns .Question are we going to ruff up the spine damage on the left side.  there is a straight cut.You could also damage the internal structure a little.


As for the tail gunner:

You could frost the glass plus add bullet holes to the clear plastic. This should help to explain to the viewer that maybe he didn't make it.


My 2 cents



Edited by USMC Herc

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Thank you very much, still on that learning curve with figures...well everything actually.

Another milestone in the build has been hit. That point in the build when the fuselage gets closed up.

sanding seams...about 3 feet of them in total, now begins



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I've dealt with the fuselage seams (actually Tamiya putty dealt with the seams) and set that component aside for now in order to work up the nerve to cut the left horizontal stabilizer off and add flack/ shell damage. I also made up some ribs and spars (short pieces to protrude through the break) out of .010" sheet plastic.

the part I'll be using getting a bit of detail work added



I've roughed up the break, it'll look rougher with torn spars and stringers hanging out, and I'll completely delete the elevator from this side, with no hinges there'd be nothing to hold it in place


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