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Attaching Trumpy wings to Hasegawa Hellcat

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17 hours ago, williamj said:

 I will respectfully disagree..I believe we can make something out of the Hasegawa kit with a few mods.I did think about the Airfix but not really my scale and don't have the display room in the case.As nice as it obviously is, also there's the issue with having spent a ton, over time, on goodies to accentuate the Has.kit.

Will post some progress pics once the engineering challenges are dealt with.


Oh, there is no doubt you can make the Hasegawa kit into a beautiful model and I think you in particular could do a great job of it. It is just the amount of AM it would take, and maybe a Trumpy kit to steal wings from, the cost is getting close to, if not more, than an Airfix kit. Also, since you can fold the wings on the Airfix kit, the display area isn't that bad.

Having said that, I understand many wish to stick to one scale, and in your case since you have already acquired AM, kit, et al it makes more sense to stick with what you got. I just thought in the search for a nice Hellcat, the Airfix kit should be considered. And unlike Jennings, I don't think the oilcanning (not wrinkling) is badly done.

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  Thanks Ray..ya we have a bucket of AM for the Has. and the trumpeter wings can be folded (have PE to highlight that) they also have the correct wheel wells,engine, and landing gear that is way above what Has. offered....why Trumpeter blew the fuselage is an absolute mystery,it really is bad and won't hesitate to say it.

Comes down to a simple matter of choice,and we we have so much 32nd in the hobby today that sometimes the choices are underappreciated .I have been on an "Old School" theme lately and these Hellcat builds are just part of that. Personally think the Hasegawa has the most potential,for my own eye of course.  


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