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44 minutes ago, sturmovik said:

@cbk57 do you know if the nose landing gear can be added AFTER painting and decalling?

I had to find some instructions, I built mine years ago.  I suspect that I painted the front gear assembly then wrapped it in tape.  However, I think you could test fit the assembly and try because it might be possible to sneak the nose gear in after assembly.  

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Hello guys, I come back to this thread with lots of progress to show you:

The gunbay:


The gunbay glued to the nose weight, alongside the nose geat attachment piece at the front of the weight:


Wings glued together:



I added an extra weight (not shown) at the front of the cockpit, because I'm not sure if the supplied weight will be enough:



Fuselage halves glued together:



Airframe completed:


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18 minutes ago, sturmovik said:

Try contacting Tamiya for a spare weight if it didn't come with it. The two I bought had the weights glued inside one side of the box.

I just looked again and sure enough there it is attached inside the end of the box. I guess I just never noticed it before. Thanks for the info.

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I've pretty much convinced myself that next year will be entirely devoted to WWII 1:48 ceiling queens, and this kit may well be amongst them. I have several that are well underway already, so finishing off a dozen or so should be pretty easy, I'd think. I'll certainly be watching yours.

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