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F4u-1D Tamyia 1/32

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My last built of 2019. Finished just in time before starting the christmas break.


It is my second Corsair from Tam so no surpises (if it is even possible to have surprises with Tam).

Just one slight negative for me: the decals: they are always very thick. So cutting out all the clear support film is a must to avoid silvering especially on the big numbers on the fuselage side. Then I made good use of the microset/microsol.


I just replaced the wheels by Eduard resin's. Anything else is oob.


For the paint, I miraculously managed to find a tin of Humbrol 181 (the famous Glossy sea blue that is out of prod since years..)

Used it for the first gloss layer. They I dry brushed the matt version of the sea blue (Hu 77) either strait from the can or mixed with few drops of white.

On the radiators area on the top wing I also brushed some yellow zinchromat (81) and some alu 56 here and there.


Then panel liners: clear (white-grey) then brownish. Some pigment here and there (mainly exhaust and gun ports)










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