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1/32 Zoukei-Mura Ta152H-0 White 7


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Thanks guys!  Obstacles have yet to be put in the rear view mirror but I'm working on it.  More detail work on the Ta152...

I'm not going to deal with the Eduard Origami metal flaps and will simplify this build somewhat by using the kit flaps.  But first, I have to address the sink marks on the outside surface of the flaps.


The molded ribs on the fabric covered control surfaces have been sanded down.


I made wheel masks using an Olfa circle cutter.


A few views of the painted Barracuda tires mounted on the SOW landing gear.  Hopefully, these pieces of resin convey the impression of metal and rubber.

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Guest Vincent

I admire your persistance. With me, this plastic junk would have ended in the trash bin long ago...


Respect !

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Great build and I too admire your persistance.


I love ZM kits but some of their releases suffer a bit in terms of over complication and have numerous sink marks in many parts. I'm cracking on with their 219 at the moment and it seems to be fighting me in a few places. That said, the engines are superb, as is the cockpit, but the engine nacelles leave a lot to be desired. I built their P51 and had a similar experience but the end result was well worth it, so please crack on and show us a beauty :)

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Thanks guys!  I appreciate the feedback.


1 hour ago, Vincent said:

I admire your persistance. With me, this plastic junk would have ended in the trash bin long ago...


Respect !


Thanks Vincent!  I may have overstated the faults on this build.  No, I'm not a fan of black plastic or the Z-M practice of providing internal details that are covered up but this really isn't a BAD kit.  Not by far.  I'm thankful that Z-M took the opportunity to produce a 1/32 model of this iconic fighter.  My complaints are simply the experiences I've had during the build process and not meant to be a condemnation of the kit.  Hopefully, we can get a decent looking representation of White 7 by the time we're done.:)

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Thanks guys!


16 hours ago, turbo said:

Great looking landing gear John!  What paint mix do you use for the tyres if you don't mind me asking? It's a very convincing representation of rubber.


I've been using a mixture of Tamiya Black, Brown and Dark Grey.  After the tires are painted, I start adding Tamiya Buff (or other light color) to the mixture that is already in the airbrush cup to gradually lighten the wear surfaces.  I apply the lighter shades unevenly, using perpendicular wipes of the airbrush across the wear surface of the tires.  Keeping the tires' flat finish, I stain the wear surfaces further using pastel washes.


The Ta152H hasn't beaten me but I'm taking a slight breather from the battle.  I did get the tailwheel painted up though...

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