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Ki-45 Toryu - Kai-Ko - 53rd Sentai, Matsudo AB, 1944 - DONE!

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Thanks for stopping in my friend!


9 minutes ago, Lothar said:

What's the plan on weathering??


Since it's a field applied scheme, and was in defense of the home land and flying a lot of missions, probably quite a bit of port wing root chipping since both crew and ground crews would betraversing that area. Smaller amount on the starboard side. Chipping on the engine panels edges and gun cover panels, and the pics show some heavy leading edge chipping too. This ship seemed to operate in the snow too, so washes dirt and other stuff will be applied too.

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Thanks all. It was tremendously satisfying honestly.


I've got the rest of the scheme unmasked save the windows, gear and engines, and there is surprisingly little to fix from what I can see.

Quite a colorful combination. I have yet to take pics but will fix that later.





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Thank you again guys. Had some time to let the whole thing sit for a bit so I un-masked the fuselage stripe, home defense bands/Hinomaru, the 53rd Sentai on the tail/rudder and the yellow leading edge area. This is one COLORFUL scheme!  It will all be toned down with weathering including chipping, mud, washes and some Tamiya weathering pallets. Im not going as hard on the chipping as I did on my Rufe, but this one looked like it flew a LOT of missions, so it will be weathered fairly thoroughly.


Not going to miss this one setting on a table............























So far so good!  On to the weathering......





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