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Consolidated PB4Y-1 Liberator 1/32 Hobbyboss

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Hi everybody


I will not present the box of others we have already done but at first it's big and not bad at all. as you can see in the title it's a LIBERATOR yes but not that ... Wanting to get off the beaten track and avoid the decorations OliveDrab or Alu my choice fell on the B24 used by the Navy.





for the historical part:

In the summer of 1942, the navy needed a long-range aircraft to patrol the vast expanses of the Pacific. Other naval patrol aircraft, such as PBY-5 Catalina, PBM and PB2Y were too slow and poorly armed; a distinct disadvantage if they patrolled near the islands held by the enemy. In July 1942, the Air Force agreed to the Navy receiving a quantity of B-24D Liberators, which changed the designation to PB4Y-1 (PB Patrol Bomber, Modified 4th, Y-Consolidated Aircraft Company). The squadrons created will be designated VB for naval bombing until October 1944, at which time the designation will be changed to VPB for Bombardier Navy. The first PB4Y-1s differed little from the B-24s of the Air Force,

but later versions showed a more obvious improvement in the form of the ERCO (Engineering and Research Corp.) bulb turret. it is this version that I will try to realize ...

A total of 977 Liberators PB4Y-1 (the majority being D and J models) were received by the Navy before the end of the war. In the Pacific theater of operations, the Navy's PB4Y-1 squadrons were based in Western Pacific and Central Pacific (armed reconnaissance) search and strike operations (reconnaissance operations) against Japan.



here I am a lot of preparation work and subsets ...








I added some box and consoles in the radio part still a little bit of work in all the internal parts and I should be able to close.


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