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Landrotten Highlander

Caudron C.714, Azur, 1:32 - FINISHED

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Thank you, lads.

I painted the bits last night in the required blue-grey, will have a close inspection then start focussing on the detailed painting.

Since this particular aircraft never saw action I will be minimal with weathering while still avoiding making it look like a toy.


Slainte gu mhath

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Good choice!


I've build this kit (Armee de l'Air Version) some years ago. Build blog here. The front bulkhead of the cockpit was a bit tricky. Also faced a large gap at on wingroot. Placement of the UC flaps caused some headache (IIRC they overlap somewhat, but the instructions are not very helpful here). Everthing else went smooth. The Montex masks are highly recommended. There is or was a replacement prop/spinner/front end set from Poland (didn't use it, was hard to get so I skipped the idea).


Nice idea to build a Finnish one! Have fun!

- dutik

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Nice work so far.  You've picked an interesting subject for this group build and I'm looking forward to your progress.





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Little update.  Slapped some ppaint on the cockpit tub.


I glued the little rod that had fallen of since taking the picture.




View of the IP:


The parts were airbrushed with Mr Hobby C337. There were no decals for the IP panel, so using Scale75 acrylics I painted the appropriate panel faces Black mixed with Abyssal Blue, then dry-brushed the raised edges with White Sands (slighlty ivory colour sort of off-white).  Used Blood Red for the VSI.

Seat belts were painted with Tamiya Khaki (XF-49), and painted on stitchings with the black-blue mix and mimmicked the fabric with little stipes of Birch highlighted with White Sands.

All silver highlights on seat belts and stick were painted with Flat Aluminium.


When all was dry I added a little drop of a product called Synthaglass to each of the instruments.  This product is practically clear when you put it on (unlike Crystal Clear, which is a mily white) and although it does not show on the foto creates the illusion of glass in front of the panel.  What is clear on the picture is a nice darkening of the black.

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additional information

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Based on the building log by @dutik I was forewarned abut potential fitting issues with the sub-assembly and fuselage halves.

Dry-fitting proved this to be the case.  So this is how I set out to solve that particular issue:


First I glued the backwall to the RH fuselage half, making sure all was fair and square. qdkaktR.jpg

Appologies for the iffy pic.

Dry-fitting with the LH fuselage half showed that this panel was a tad too wide at the bottom. some minimal filing took care of that.

I then used the cockpit floor + IP panel sub assembly to glue on the side instruments (resing pieces).  I also added some shading with an irregular wash of the black-blue mix of the IP.  I did this to make sure that when you look inside the cockpit you have shadows irrespective of direction of light source (also because I was thinking the natural shadows wuld not 'feel' very natural - a little tip I picked up from figure painting: once has to 'scale down' the light for anything to register).




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Then I felt these side-walls were a bit too bare, so I scratch-built some additional items using a variety of wires and - believe it or not - some paper.



The LH-side of the cockpit houses a priming pump adjacent to the seat.  I manufactured this out of some 2 and 0.5 mm coper wire.


Slapping some paint on:




The last two pictures show the effect of the synthaglass on the individual instruments a little more clearly.  A bit out of focus - but so am I occasionally.  Nothing wrong with that :rolleyes:




I took quit a number of pictures with the fuselage upside down to make sure the details were not hidden in the shadow (taken at night and I only use a table light to work by as this most effectively lights up the working space - all other light sources create too much of a shadow.


So once I was happy with the paint-work I was ready to further ensure a proper fit between both fuselage halves and the cockpit floor.

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Forgot to mention I placed an oxygen bottle at the rear bulkhead on the RH side made out of some spare sprue and thin copper wire to mimic the supply to the cockpit seat.


So once I glued on the cockpit floor to the RH-side of the fuselage - and after it had cured overnight - I closed the fuselage.  Not the firewall was not (yet) fitted).  I first glued the two halves together from the rear of the cockpit to the tail, and once that was cured I glued the front end.  I did it this way because this kit does not use locating pins, so I worked in sections.


After letting that cure and a lot of dry-fitting and adjusting of the firewall that was glued in place, as well as the exhausts and a resin part mimicking what can be seen of the engine through the air intake hole underneath the spinner.

The battery of my camera needed recharging, so I will take pics once that is done.


Until next time


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Thanks all for the comments and the likes.

I have some more iffy pictures.

As discribed in my latest post, I enclosed the cockpit.



sorry they are a bit out of focus (seemed OK when I looked at the tiny screen on my camera :(

However, you can clearly discern the structure of the framework, which would otherwise be a bit too bland.


I am happy with the way the 'engine' turned out.




The flash has drowned out the shine of the metallic paint (Mr Metal Colour drybrushed onto Hallfords black primer)

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