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WNW Fokker DVII (Early)

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This build is a wrap.  The final stages of constructions went very fast and I finished it last night.  Overall I managed a decent effort and the end result turned out alright, about a B+ build for me.  This is the third WWI aircraft I have built having completed two Roden kits (Sopwith Triplane and Fokker DrI) for a friend a few years ago.  I should have mentioned this up front, but I decided to focus my builds on WWI aircraft for the upcoming year last Fall; and as they have such a good reputation for "buildability" opted to use the WNW kits for my builds.  I decided to start with the DVII because it has some very neat schemes, and to ease myself into the rigging aspect.  I have to say the kit I just finished went together very nicely - not so well as the Tamiya Corsair I did last year - but no kit I have built to date has gone together as well as that one.  


I will make a few posts with the photos of the final stages of construction and the finished product in this thread.  After I complete the very simple base I will take some photos and post them in the "Ready for Inspection" section.  



 Wings installed.  This was easier than I thought it would be, though I realize other aircraft are probably more challenging to get right.



Close up of the top wing.  Though I did not get the decaling absolutely perfect, I got close.  I really like the look of the Aviattic decals.



Close up of the national insignia.  The kit decals were very good and went down on top of the Aviattic decals well.  The matt coat really subdued both the national

insignia and the lozenge camo very nicely.  I opted not to spray a brown glaze as I really like the look as is.




The bottom plate after weathering.  I used different washes and glazes to replicate oil and other stains.



Finally the top of the undercarriage wing after weathering (which shows up poorly under direct lighting on the bench).  I built up thin layers of different washes to 

replicated drips and splashes of oil and other lubricants.  The actual piece looks good under the right type of lighting.  

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Following are some photos of the finished model.  I took these in my photo tent so the lighting is better and you can (hopefully) see the kit in a better light. <grin>



Above view of the overall plane.  You can clearly see that I airbrushed the elevators a different shade of blue.  It is probably not 100% historically accurate but I like

the contrast.



Different angle of the overall plane.



Near ground level overall aspect.  The prop is a wooden one that I had spare from the Roden Dr. I build, these are very nice.



Fairly close view that shows the cables, Spandaus and some of the lower wing well.



Intermediate distance view of the cockpit highlighting a couple of the instruments and the Spandaus.



Finally a close up of the nose that shows the prop fairly well.


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Following are some close up shots of the build.



Top of the engine with the blast guards in place.  These turned out to be a lot easier to construct and place than I thought they would be.



Undercarriage.  It is a bit unstable, not surprising given the scale thinness of the supports, but I will handle this puppy with extreme care.




Tail section.  I added some splashes of mud/dirt to the bottom of the rudder and tailplane supports.  You can see the control cable ( and that I did not get the ends

perfectly cut off.  Fortunately that is only apparent in macro photos.




Macro of the front of the pit and the backs of the Spandaus, these Gaspatch MGs are real masterpieces and look the biz, though you can see the left one is just a bit

canted.  Again this is only apparent in a macro photo as very fortunately it is not apparent under normal viewing.  Still a bit vexing.



Extreme close up of the port engine cowling area.  



Seat cushion and HGW seatbelt.  These turned out rather nice.



And finally, one of the upper control cables photographed about as close as I can get.  These were easier to install (I used EZ Line) then I thought they would be.

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17 hours ago, Knightofthesky said:



A really great looking Fokker! Nice work :clap2:

The Tarnstoff ("Lozenge") decals loooking great, too.





Hallo Dietmar, vielen dank für die nette worte!  Ich bin in Bayern, wo sind sie?


Translation for everyone who does not speak German,

(Hello Dietmar and thank you for the kind words!  I am in Bavaria, where are you?)




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Thank you everyone for the very kind words.  The base has been stained and varnished and I plan to complete it tomorrow, with luck I'll have some pictures for the "Ready for Inspection" thread tomorrow as well.



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