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When you think you’ve seen it all...

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I’ve probably looked at 10,000 photographs of F-4s. I’ve photographed several of them in excruciating detail. And even after all that, I just ran across something I’ve never seen before.


This is one of the F-4Bs that the USAF borrowed from the Navy in 1962.  In alllllll the Phantoms I’ve seen, photographed, and been around, I’ve never seen one (or at least noticed it) with this round panel on the right side of the nose.



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Panel 124, was on early aircraft before introduction of the "KY-28 Speech Security Unit" (AFC-311). After installation there was the more rectangular panel 629 in its place.



edit: not best quality, but here's another pic of circular panel 124, this is from USMC F-4B in Vietnam late 1966 or early 1967:


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