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Hi Folks, Having just read the GB thread with all of the great ideas being banded around there, can i mention here the theme of the table for the 2020 show is: 




Taking into account the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the reason the reason this theme was chosen is simply variety. 


Being a UK show, it was thought that the BOB theme will be "done to death" by a large number of the groups / sigs present and there are only so many Spitfires / ME 109's that one can look at so the thinking was to "extend" the theme which would of course encompass a huge variety of subjects as well as some from the BOB era.


So with that in mind, if anyone wants to contribute to the Telford display, please feel free to post any intended builds for 2020 below. 


I'll start. 

FLY Royal Navy HU5 Wessex. 

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7 minutes ago, mozart said:

Does an EE Lightning count as a “twin” Dave?


Yes, if it has two of something it is a 'twin', although I think we should discount undercarriage legs for clarity here.

So, twin engines, twin cockpits, twin fins, twin wings  etc etc. all qualifies!

Any era, any type of aircraft in this category and in 1/32 or 1/24 scale will be accepted.

Looking forward to seeing those masterpieces already!!

Have fun.




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Think the 188 is very doable, this is where I am when I last worked on it........




About 2 years ago nearly!! Shameful indeed but got a little bogged down after the huge amount of work I did re-working the cockpit, stupid really as it's nearly done but lost the enthusiasm. However it's been calling me lately and getting some major interest back for finishing this one.


Regards. Andy 


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