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Weekend Model - Transmeridian CL44

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How do :)


I have been hard at my P51 and a few years ago a good family friend who I grew up with in Singapore when my father was in Transport Command with her husband had asked me if I would make a model for him. Of all the aircraft he had flown, he had all but a Transmeridian Air Cargo CL44 Freighter. My dad and he both flew them after RAF service in a divergent list of airliners, exec jets & freighters. At the time I researched it and found Welsh Models make a 1/144 kit and 26 decals did the markings so I got hold of them both..




..then it sat in a cupboard until this weekend - as I am waiting for masks for my P51 I was at a loose end, ans as it was due to be a Christmas present, I thought why not - surely it can't take long to make a simple desktop model..


..here's the box..




..and one-piece resin wings & a bag of other goodeies with the decals..




..the fuselage is vacformed, so this was marked & cut out..




..assembled, filled and with a mounting spigot being added for the wings..




..it needed a fair bit of priming & sorting - partly due to my cavalier assembly, and partly due to raised doors and trench panel lines.. - the hinge blisters were also added..




..I later added brass tubes for the exhaust pipes to the wings...




..main assembly complete.. it needed LOTS of filler to blend the flying & control surfaces..




..a final prime of mr surfacer..




..a coat of alclad chrome..




..masking for the darker metal areas of the engine nacelles..




..the nose tip was masked & painted, and the tips of the nacelles dipped in a lid of paint..




..props painted and decal strips added for de-icers..




..that was Saturday, this morning I added the decals and glosscoated the fuselage...












..and thats it - a model in a weekend and I also get to surprise some folks very close to me :)





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5 hours ago, dmthamade said:

Geez, in a weekend!! I can't get the box open in that time!! Nice build, thoughtful gift.



Oh, I could get the box open


Then spend the weekend doing 'research' on aero websites/Flight magazine/ordering books/ordering AM....


That's a lovely build Peter



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