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XB-51 Dragon


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Both wings inserted into their internal support structures.Much fussing and alignment to go but......


The difficulty now becomes getting both sides to be symmetrical. When doing a vac this is a real issue. There are no factory designed supports, no down to the mm measurements from a cad design.  It will come down to me fiddling with this until it looks right. I will have the same challenge with the engine pods. 






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I keep jumping around.  


Here is my first attempt at 3D printing the oval shaped intake trunking for the middle engine. The tall tube is my first attempt. I was going to make slices most of the way through and slowly bend it. Might work. The 12 smaller sections have an angled edge and I thought that I could glue then section by section to get a curved result. Might work.


Or maybe a combination of both??




We shall see. Dan

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Ok, a little bit of spit-balling here on the tail. I incorporated sheet metal in the horizontal tail and had 2 pieces protrude from the tailplanes that would slide down into the vertical tail. I did this so that I could have a strong joint that would also allow me to remove the tail for transport. Here I am building a "sleeve" on both sides that the metal supports can slide into. Not very pretty but it works.








Next is some work on the middle engine intake. Lots of sanding to go but this is the basic unit.





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Major progress today.


After weeks of thinking about how I was going to attach the engine pods I actually cut some plastic today. Basically I have 3 metal tabs which will attach the pods to the fuselage. One goes all the way through the fuselage and connects the rear of the pods. The other 2 support the front of the pods but do not go all the way through from pod to pod. The front tabs are bent at an angle and go up the inside of the fuselage along the outer skin.


I will take more pictures later. I just wanted to show the pods in place.










Also I have installed the tubes into the nose of the aircraft that will represent the cannon ports.




Tubes cut down and puttied.





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