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David Mooney

1/32 Tamiya F-4D 'Terrible Tyke'

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Hello all, 

I have been rather busy working of late but I have found time between working with real aircraft to finish my F-4D. 


Im sure many are aware that the Tamiya kit is a dream to build and goes together very well, I used Mr Colour paint which I believe are the best on the market at the moment, the colours I used were 303 (FS34102), 310 ((FS 30219) and 320 (Dark Green)……….and black for the bottom :-)


Sadly the decals were in a poor state and fragmented as soon as they hit the water, so I purchased the Warbirds Decals set (32009) which were superb and set well on the aircraft and into any details very well and recommended. 


I didn't like the fit of the intakes to the ducting, so I thought it a far better idea to use the Quickboost (QB 32089) set of intake covers. 


The seats are aftermarket, but I cant tell you who made them as they came free with the kit (from a certain auction site) 


All the weapon pylons are removable, this is done using small earth magnets in the wings and pylon locations.
























I hope you like it, it is certainly my best build so far. All comments are welcome, thanks for looking 




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The back ground terrain doesn't look like Thailand but the F-4 certainly came off the ramp at Ubon! Col. Robin Olds and the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing would be proud! 

Night Owl F-4's were cool looking with the black bottom....great job on a phamous Phighter!



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On 11/26/2019 at 2:13 PM, Old Dog said:

WOW ! For a minute I thought I was looking at the real deal, excellent !


I second that for sure.........

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