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Tesla Cybertruck

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From an esthetic perspective, I could do better with an etch-a-sketch. From an engineering perspective, I wonder about the rumored frameless monocoque chassis. Although techincally unibody vehicles could be considered semi-monocoque they have never been able to get away from having front and rear subframes - the chassis simply cannot support the loads without emulating a pretzel. Maybe Tesla found a way but I have my doubts. If this is the case and the chassis is fully monocoque I wonder how it will pass crash tests. Or be repairable after a crash. From a usability perspective lets see how it actually does when tasked with actual truck chores (I don't consider a tug-of-war to be an actual truck duty :P). Hook a loaded stock trailer behind it and see how it does up a hill (of course the base models from the big 3 these days probably wouldn't do very well either but at least they still offer drivetrain options that make them traditional trucks).


I did tons of research a few years ago on electric power (for my sailboat) and finally determined that the only way it was feasible was by using a fuel cell. No matter what chemistry the batteries used they just can't store the energy that a fuel tank does. I'll leave the rest of the electric/ICE debate to the 1000's of websites out there but for me - it's a nope!





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On 11/28/2019 at 12:13 AM, scvrobeson said:

About time we get a vehicle in the 21st century that looks like something from a sci-fi movie.  Somebody finally takes a bold stance on design.




I hear you, it is about time our vehicles started looking like something from a sci-fi movie.   Here's is Tesla's next release.   I find it to be fresh and exciting!



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