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Flying Leathernecks Decals FL32006 AV-8B II Plus Hell Raising Harriers

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This sheet has been on hold for several months. However, it is now moving forward along with the 1/48 AH-1Z sheet. New options have been added and a couple were removed.


Here is the new layout for FL32006. Six options include VMA-542 x 2 (OIF and OEF), VMA-214 (OIF), VMA-231 (OIR), VMA-311 (OIR) and VMA-223 (OIR).


For the few of you that pre-ordered this sheet when it was first announced. To thank you for your patience, I will send you a free stencil sheet when it is released.




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Has the stencil sheet FL32007 been released yet Dave?


I can't see the jet intake warning chevrons on 32006 and they're kinda crucial to the looks!

There are some in the Trumpeter kit, but I'd prefer that they match the colours on FL32006.

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