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1/32 ERA-3B Skywarrior - 3D printed / scratchbuilt


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The big one keeps fighting me, there are still cracks which keep on re-appearing. I suspect the resin I have used is too brittle to take the tension inside the fuselage... but we will see. I absolutely want this model, so there is no way back. As I didn't have time for real life modelling, I have spent some time on my PC and started preparing the LH side, i.e. Pilot's & Plane Captain's side console. I have just started adding details, so there is a lot of work left to do. I will use Anyz knobs here and there to save time - not only they ease painting, but only have to draw "holes" instead of entire knobs. Here's a quick rendering of what I have done so far.



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And here comes the printed part. Quality looks quite good, but as nothing is working as it should at the moment, it seems the length of my part isn't correct, so I have to start all over. Next time, I'll make a mockup to check the proportions before I start wasting time for the details... 



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Cheers everybody, your comments are appreciated as always! :) 


Oliver, the 53 isn't really on hold, both projects are running more or less in parallel. The problem with the 53 is, to quote a German proverb, "I can't see the forest because of all the trees", i.e. there are lots of things to do all of which are totally new to me - especially skinning the fuselage which seems to be the only good option to obtain proper surface detail. I think I mentioned it in my initial post in the MH-53 thread, this is a project far outside my comfort zone which at the same time is challenging, exciting but also discouraging at times. The Skywarrior is very straightforward and I know more or less what I am doing which enables me to make some progress - and that's quite essential to keep my motivation. I actually did the same with the Viking and the Prowler back in the day. When I was stuck on the Viking, I just switched to the Prowler to keep my mojo. It's pretty much the same with the Skywarrior and the MH-53E.

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