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Hawk 155, Kinetic with a few additions

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I let my wife complete the debate on what to complete next in "Large Scale," Tossups were with the Tamiya P-51D, F4u-1A, and the Kinetic Hawk 155. She said I'd done lots of props lately so a blower is next!


Kinetic's Hawk 155, with resin seats as I was given them, Master Pitot tube, home made vinyl MDC for the large fine canopy, Airscale decals for the instrument panels, and some Archer rivets for hte  rear fuselage. I have scoured EricG's and BloorwestSiR's builds for some assistance, and there are tips there! No schedule, as I go to work in 2 days for another 2 weeks, but hey, a little at a time, feels good to actually complete some models for a change!



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Well, I got a few little things started, before I had to call it off, a prior commitment, and preparing for 2 weeks of work away took the rest of the day...


Cockpit had 2 bulkheads installed to block view forward of the 2 individual pits, as well as some paint. Close to what the various sites call for, but perhaps a smidge too green? I dunno, looks ok to me, and darker than my standard go-to FS36231, I used Tamiya XF-66.


Intakes prepped and painted white, and wheel wells painted 36440 which is close to what is asked for as well.










So, See youse in 2 weeks!



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