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EA-18G Growler- Completed

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I'm hoping to get a start on this, hopefully this coming week and have it done for the group build deadline...nothing like a late start hey?!


The armload of accessories



My (hopefully) chosen color scheme


I'm not sure what all it needs for improvements but I guess I'll burn that bridge as I cross it.

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4 hours ago, Telepatu said:

Nice choice! Are those Rhino intakes?


Br, Jani

Hi, and yes they are Rhino intake parts.

1 hour ago, Dave Williams said:

Let us know how the Aires exhausts fit.  Their set for the Legacy Hornet is far too small in diameter.

Good to know, thanks for the heads up, I’ll check the fit

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I removed the resin (closed nozzle) exhausts from the stubs and did a quick comparison with the kit parts, they're exactly the same size so, if the kit parts fit the resin ones should as well.

I snapped a shot of the kit part then the resin one with my caliper as a reference.



I'm thinking I may try a mix match of parts from the Academy D and the Trumpeter G in the office, not for accuracy but just for better fidelity. If there was a nice resin cockpit I'd be on my way. 


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Getting right into the office I discovered I'd need to renovate a bit to get the seats to fit, doing some work in the cockpit would also give me a chance to get rid of some ejector pin marks, kind of fixing two problems in one go. I removed the bottoms from both openings kicked out the walls and put in new flooring.

Here's the cockpit before any work, the seat will not fit, maybe if I forced it?



The bottom of the cockpit with new styrene sheet flooring installed


Both seats test fitted now. There's still a bit of pour lug on the bottoms I'll get to later.


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Thanks guys!

7 hours ago, gmctaggart said:

Watching with interest as I have the Academy F-18A that is begging to be done. Perhaps this build will push me to start.


It’s just my opinion...but that is a better kit than this Trumpeter one.

7 hours ago, blackbetty said:

watch out, the ip coaming is much too narrow and doesnt look like the real thing. i used an academy ip for my E

jakes book is a must (reidair)

Thanks for the warning, I’ll try the Academy ip here if I can, no access to the book you mention...I’m using other folks builds as my reference sources (standing on the shoulders of those who came before me) 

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