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LSP/32SIG at Telford 2019

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The 32 sig stand was superb, i did ogle it but didn't say hello as you all looked in deep conversation. I intended to come back but time got away from me. 

One of the highlights for me was seeing the Wingnut and HK Lancaster's - It wasn't until yesterday that i realised just how big they are! Would love one but would have nowhere to put it!

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Well what a great day, up at 06:15 and off to Telford, managed to get in the car park at the International centre, this year we reversed out route and checked out the competition models first and the standard was amazing, photos to follow.

The 32 SIG/LSP stand was very impressive, the revetments really blew me away, and here is the proof.










I even had a chat with the boys and got to put faces to names, more photos on the way when I have organised them.





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On 11/9/2019 at 6:46 PM, ringleheim said:

Lots of nice stuff! 


You know what jumps out at me?  That Kingfisher!


I think I need to try to make one of those!




Have a go, its a great subject however the Kitty hawk instructions and build process is not without its issues. the baseits on however suffered a disaster as I was "trying something" and used foamboard as a base so I could cut into the base to waterline the float, it dried, contracted and the whole thing curled up. 


Ah well one lives and learns 

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After and exhausting but enjoyable Telford weekend I just want to say thanks to the following. 


Roy and Mike running the stand and producing the revetments dio. It went down really well with the spectators with nothing but positive feedback. 


Chris for assistance in the set up and company throughout the weekend. Assistance to man the stall was much appreciated.  


Pete for the loan of his superlative 1/18 spitfire build which stopped many a passer by in their tracks which in turn drew more people in to linger at the stand and discuss all things large scale planes.


Iain, Mike,  John "tigger" Wilkes and Simon for the loan of the beautiful two seat Spitfire, the Romanian Arado the F5 Agressor, German Arado Dio and the Sea Fury respectively. 


All all those who made it to the stand for an introduction and a chat to chew the fat.  


Myself, I purchased a Yukei Mura Nick (missed out on the Henschel) and an Icelandic fine art Buccaneer. What have I done????  


Next years theme for the stand will be Twin Engined subjects......... The world is your omlette!  



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3 minutes ago, LSP_K2 said:

Is it my imagination, or is the tail of the Ki-45 way out of whack?

No Kev, Its my photography skills. The kit is unbelievable and spot on in every respect if a little over engineered if there is such a thing. 

Example, the kit provides two sets of sprues for an opaque engineering model and a "normal" build. 


Ordering a couple of further sets of ancillary sprues such as undercarriage and armament etc you would get two full aircraft kits. 

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