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NEW AIRFIX 1/72 VULCAN!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, I'm super stoked.  I've been begging for a new tool Vulcan for years.  I heard at IPMS/US in Phoenix last year that this kit was coming, and people laughed at me.  You don't go to a museum and LIDAR scan an airplane this big for no reason :)  Our 1/72 Vulcan decals have been some of our best sellers, and with this kit on the horizon, we're planning a reprint.

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It looks very nice and will certainly be an easier build than the mid-80 release if the moulding is done with good quality plastic.


The intakes look to be the same pain design as the current version, but if made with the same precision as on the Victor should be manageable.

The jet pipes look much better. The airbrakes may be OK but will I think be substituted with etch parts by the more fastidious builder.


I would have liked a wing/engine option for a B1, and an open brake chute compartment but, athere are options and modelling skills that worked well enough on the original.


Can't wait to see the actual kit.

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will be a huge seller in the UK no doubt, so good on them I hope it does well


but nothing and I mean *nothing* is going to tempt me back to 1/72, and certainly not anything made by Airfix


in 1/48 I would have looked to see if Airfix could prove me wrong but in 1/72, sorry, but absolutely no interest 


whilst their new 1/24 kits are super cool, i've seen even their new stuff up close in 1/72 and 1/48 and it's still laughable compared to what we have in 1/32 where surface detail and WWI trenches panel lines are concerned

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