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1/32 Tamiya F-16A

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The carpet monster swallowed part B25 and since I still have a bit of time before heading home I made new one. Needs a bit of filler when I get home but should be ok.





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you will find it later ...... once you scratch built another one :doh:


BTW , the stencils work perfectly !!!!!!!;)

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A day at home before back to work allowed me to paint a few details so that I can assemble the fuselage.




I could not figure from reference photos which of the hinges on the slats to remove.

Once home I had a look at this FSM for the right answer . Thanks Pete ! 






The Tamiya cockpit is great out of the box but I will add a bit more even though I will put a pilot on the seat. First thing is to replace the hud with a leftover from the Sufa kit. I will later configure the HUD to Block 15 config.







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