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JT238/3BB MK.II 738NAS (Tamiya F4U)


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Hey Folks.. Been a while since I posted some work on the site. So here goes:


23 months ago I set out to build a FAA Corsair from a stock Tamiya kit, shortly after reviewing my references I realized that it wasn't going to be as easy a task as I thought. After countless hours of research and planning I was ready to go with tons of resin and AM stuff. The subject is a Corsair MK.II from the Royal Navy, I decided to build this airplane because it's a little different than the standard Corsair coloring. I attempted to add, and correct as many things as I could, but surely someone will find something obvious that could be missing. I used the amazing "Time Capsule Fighter 433" book as reference. I built this airplane for my wife, as it's her favorite airplane ( and because she'd support the hundreds of hours of work)



Brassin Prop

Brassin Engine (modified)

Brassin Cowls (modified)

HGW RAF Seatbelts

Barracuda Stencils

Barracuda Diamond Tyres

Grey Matter Accy. Bay (modified)

MV Lenses

Various tubes / wire / string / styrene


Scratch / Mods:

R2800 fully plumbed, opposite of Brassin's instruction. Used real engines as reference

Ignition Harness scratch built

Cowl flap control ring added

Accy. bay plumbed, stenciled as well as control arms added for the various engine controls / cowls

Added CO vents to fuselage

Fully detailed gear bays / uplock springs scrapped from kit and re-made from lead wire

Clipped wings as per drawing dimensions / reshaped position lights from kit parts


Paint / Markings

All markings / insignias are painted on using Maketar (roundels) and custom for "3BB"

Very few decals used from kit, they went on OK in most places

MRP Paint used for all surfaces

Chipping achieved with pencils

Basic oil wash overall


Build time 23 months.


I hope you folks can enjoy this as much as I did. All photos were taken by my good friend Chuck Sawyer (chuck540z3), thanks buddy!





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fixed photos
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14 hours ago, chuck540z3 said:



It was a joy to photograph last night, which allowed me to see it up close in person.  Wow!  What makes this Corsair unique is all the details behind the engine, which I've never seen before.  Great job buddy!





Thanks a lot friend, you've been a great supporter of this long, drawn out build.


14 hours ago, LSP_K2 said:

Very nice,... one of the better looking Corsairs that I've seen.




13 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Excellent work Justin!


Thanks Brian =D


10 hours ago, MikeMaben said:


Ah , now that's my speed.  Beautiful work Justin :thumbsup::speak_cool:




Thanks Mike! yeah, this one took a while...


10 hours ago, MikeC said:

There's some amazing work there.  Well done.  :goodjob:


Appreciate the comments Mike!


2 hours ago, Kagemusha said:

That looks great, why is it American aircraft always look better in British markings.. ? :DodgeBall:


They always do. =D


11 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Now that right there is superb, Justin! May I publish it on the website?




I'd be honored, thanks Kev!

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20 hours ago, Kagemusha said:

That looks great, why is it American aircraft always look better in British markings.. ? :DodgeBall:


I agree.  I think it must be partly due to the fact that most Corsair (or Mustang, etc.) builds try to replicate what is most common and after seeing many builds of the most typical subjects, we get a bit tired of the same thing over and over?  The same can be said of American Spitfires.  Unique = more interesting.




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a beautiful build


in terms of finish / technique, the airframe you are modelling does not appear heavily worn, so I understand the subtle use of pencil chips.

the close up shot of the right side just underneath the cockpit - which is admittedly a *very* close up shot! - does look like pencil marks rather than chipped wear they represent, but that's a really minor thing and not visible in any of the other shots to my eyes


the colour demarcation on the left tail fin looks slightly different to the original, but what caught my eye was that the colours look 'flipped' from what I would assume they would be.

now maybe this is black and white images playing tricks, but the colours also seem reversed to how they are shown in Dana Bell's Colour Pictorial vol.2 pp32-33.

it's been a while since i went through my Corsair material, so apologies if I am missing something obvious 

i found two pictures of the airframe:





i hope these comments are taken in good faith, but given the effort you have taken in the build (and who it is for!), I thought I would try to do it justice with a little more than the usual "looks cool" etc


re your pictures, it would be nice to see the bird on its back to see the undersides and also some close up cockpit pictures if you are able?


thanks for sharing this epic project 

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