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Reheat/Afterburner diamonds - is there a way

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Carve the diamonds some how and suspend them in an ink infused/tinted Clearfix sealant (not silicone). That way you can shape the cone as you need to. Or if you have the time and patience then mould the diamonds with Clearfix  too.

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2 hours ago, Stevepd said:

I’ve got an idea floating around in the grey matter for a model. Is there a way of recreating the diamonds of reheat/afterburner of a real jet?



I've been noodling that one for quite a while now. It is one reason my F-4B Phantom II build got side lined. The plane is posed in a take-off profile, 20-30 ft off the ground, flaps down and landing gear all most full retracted. It requires engines be in AB and the thought of that just being in the imagination is like propellers not turning or at least appearing to do so. You can make fairly realistic looking turning propellers or add electric motors but portraying AB has eluded me.



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I’ve got the image of a MiG-23 with wings swept back going at full chat with the full plume out the back, perhaps with one of those blurred bases. Then the thought occurred about the rings as that would look quite cool. I’m going to give it some thought and perhaps speak with some of the lighting traders at Telford.



you get the idea......



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Anything attempting to replicate smoke, reheat diamonds, tracers or whatever is by nature never going to look exactly like the real thing as you are trying to change a gas or light to a solid state.


The most effective I have seen is some Japanese modeller who has created some WW2 naval battle scenes using cotton wool and suitable coloured lights hidden within .


Sorry it doesn’t really answer your original question, but alternatively, the aircraft parked with the engines shutdown is always going to look more realistic.

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