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1/35 Live Resin DAP Crew Multicam Study (WIP)

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This WIP (experiment) was largely inspired by the work of Pete Fleischmann on his 1/35 Live Resin Pave Hawk crew members. Thanks for all the insight Pete - your figures are amazing!


For those that may be interested, my slightly different workflow is as follows:


  • Airbrush base Tamiya XF57 BUFF
  • Spotty airbrush disconnected blobs of Tamiya XF49 KHAKI, XF52 FLAT EARTH, XF5 FLAT GREEN.
  • Using a sharp pointed 000 brush, tie it all together with small (<2mm) horizontal stripes XF10 BROWN and finalize with same method with XF55 DECK TAN.
  • Add a few vertical stripes as per the Multicam pattern.


I'd be tempted to add some "pink or flesh" to the DECK TAN in the future....


As always, tips and ideas to make this better are very much welcomed.








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Thanks Pete!  Again your work  really inspired me. 


However I don't have the patience nor the brush control to paint OCP by hand hence the airbrush technique. 


I may elect to paint the Pave Hawk figures in USAF flight suits but the exact scale fade colour for sage green is eluding me right now. 


If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them!





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