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HH-60G Pavehawk Kitty Hawk 1/35 DONE!!

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4 hours ago, Timmy! said:

Or you could try this one. IWould be nteresting to try to add motors and sound...




fyi.  Nobody died and the helo was rebuilt only to be shot down in the ‘Stan.  

Yeah, no!!!

I'll pass on that.

I'm scared to even attempt an in-flight after Pete's work. Let alone the re-riveting of the entire helo.



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There was a episode on that incident ( don't remember what show).

They interviewed him and he told them the roll is what threw him free and the helo actually rolled on top of him, but the deep snow kept him from being crushed to death.

Darn lucky to be alive after that!!!



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1 hour ago, Winnie said:

Shouldn't that think be solid black from exhaust stains?? Ya know soot?


Outstanding work though!

Nope, the T/R sits too high to be affected by exhaust stains. Never seen an Army or AF hawk with stains from the exhaust. Before the UES, the hawks had the HIRSS style exhaust (which is what Pete's model depicts) and those exhausts blow down and slightly away from the tailboom.



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  • Pete Fleischmann changed the title to HH-60G Pavehawk Kitty Hawk 1/35 DONE!!

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