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Tamiya 1/32 F4U 1A

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:wow:  I love your pilot  figure.....you have his flesh tones perfectly and he looks AMAZING... very real indeed.  

SUPERB start and  the co kpit et al is simply OUTSTANDING.. Very finely tuned with EXEMPLARY workmanship..


And for ME; I adore Engines......and your Engine is EXQUISITE to look at... very authentically done. :yahoo:


:clap2:  :thumbsup:   :bow:



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Thanks for all the kind words everyone.  The Tamiya kit is a work of art (IMHO) and I'm doing my best to do it justice.  It's great when a kit is so good fit and engineering wise that you devote your energy and efforts into the paint and weathering as opposed to filling, sanding and fighting to get it fit.  


Thanks again, I'll have more updates soon.



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The Christmas break was not very productive for me. I think I got a couple of hours on the bench on Dec 30.  The new year has been good so far build wise and we just had a week and a bit of -30 Celsius  weather here in Calgary, so some nice progress has been made.


Wing root / main spar coming together.





Tail Wheel




Oil Coolers in




Main Landing Gear




Wheel wells




Wing Root Flaps




Gear Door Covers




Wing Root attached, engine on.




Pappy Looking Happy



Front Canopy on.




Wings Almost Completed and ready to be installed.





Once the wings are on... it's time to paint.  I'll leave the wheels, gear, gear doors, all the little bits of glass on the wings off until main painting is done.  I'll be following along the lines of the other builds going on.  Black basing (a'la Doogs), silver, zinc chromate, blue (with chipping along the way).    Then a combination of Maketars masks and Eagle Cals. 


Thanks for looking.

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On 10/18/2019 at 9:15 AM, smoke417 said:

This will be my first WIP.  It's the superb Tamiya kit, that we all know about.  My neighbour is big Corsair fan (he's an RC plane guy), so I'm building him a Boyington markings version (as close I can make it).






Missed this one - nice job on that figure!!

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